something new – quick tips #ofhquicktip


Some of the best things I’ve learned in life have come from tips from my girlfriends.  Like freezing lemonade in ice trays to make ice cubes that won’t water down the lemonade you’re serving at a party or pulling up the sides of a juice box to make “wings” so that your kid doesn’t squeeze all their juice out of the box.  Surely, I’ve learned a great many of life’s lessons from from my mom and dad, but I wouldn’t discount the stuff I’ve picked up from my best gal pals.  It’s with that in mind that I’ve decided  to start a fun new series called “quick tip” where I’ll be sharing one possible life changing tip per week.  These little tips will cover everything from decorating, design, crafting, organizing, cooking and healthy living to kid stuff and ways to just make life simpler.  Each week will have a theme.  And because I’m no guru, and I want this to be a girlfriend sharing session I’m asking you all to participate via instagram by sharing a picture featuring your own quick tip of the week using hashtag #ofhquicktip.  Sounds fun right?!  

This week’s theme is “Making Weekday Morning Routines Simple and Easy”.  With the holidays fast approaching and the busy-ness this season brings, I’m thankful for my little Sunday evening ritual.  
Our Fifth House Quick Tip of the Week - Choosing your children's outfits once a week makes early, busy mornings simpler for mom!
I spend a little time on Sunday evenings choosing my children’s outfits for the entire week ahead, and that one simple task is truly an early morning game changer!  It also eases any wardrobe “discussions” with my little fashionista who doesn’t always understand why you can’t wear a sleeveless dress in 30 degree weather!  She and I hash things out on Sunday evening when we’re both in good moods which is a much better time to have such conversations than at 6 am on a Monday morning.  In both of my children’s closets I’ve got a space designated for their weekly outfits so when they wake up in the morning they know exactly where to find their clothes and what to dress themselves in for the day.  It seems so simple and yet it makes such a huge difference!  
Now it’s your turn, what little tip for making weekday morning routines simple and easy do you have to share?  Show the class on instagram with #ofhquicktip.  I’ll be featuring a few favorites here on the blog next week!  
Hope you’ll join in the gal pal sharing session!

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