winter bedroom retreat

In the winter months I crave creature comforts like flannel pajamas, hot cocoa, a blazing fire and cozy, comfortable bedding.  There is something especially wonderful about a warm and welcoming bedroom at the end of a cold winter day, and just by making a few bedding updates it’s easy to turn your bedroom into a cozy winter retreat.  Little changes like pillows and a throw blanket can make such a huge difference!
winter bedding
In the winter months I like to dress my bed the way I dress myself, with lots of layers.  I also like to keep it interesting with a good mix of texture and pattern.  The name of the game for me is — cozy, soft, warm — so I gravitate towards cable knits, fleece and fur.  
winter bedroom updates
I love a little bit of whimsy in a master bedroom!  
winter bedding updates - velvet, fur & plaid
winter bedding updates - pom pom throw
The best part is, thanks to stores like TJ Maxx and HomeGoods you don’t have to break the bank to give your bed a cozy, winter makeover.  
What creature comforts do you crave in the winter months? 


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