quick tips for simplifying morning routines


Well hello there!  Happy 2015!  I took a nice, long break away from blogging to enjoy the holidays with my family.  We spent the weekend before Christmas in New York City and met friends of ours there (you may have seen the pics I shared over on instagram).  We all had such a wonderful time!  Christmas time in NYC is truly magical!  I can’t even believe it’s already 2015.  The last few weeks of 2014 literally just flew right by, but I’m feeling refreshed and ready to tackle this new year!   

A few weeks ago I mentioned a new series that would be starting here on the blog called “quick tips” #ofhquicktip.  Last week’s theme was all about simplifying morning routines, and I loved all the inspiring tips/ideas you shared on instagram.  There really is no better time of year to reevaluate your morning routine and try to incorporate a few tips to make it simpler.  I know around my home the first few mornings back to school after Christmas break are the hardest, so I’m all about any ideas that can help make our morning routine simpler chaos free!  Here are a few of the highlights!

Emily @elevengables says she keeps her coffee station in the same area as her “family command center” to make her morning routine simpler.

Tip for simplifying morning routines:  Keep your coffee station in the same place as your "family command center".  - from Emily @elevengables

This set-up would certainly brighten my mornings that’s for sure!  

Beckie @infarrantlycreative recommends keeping backpacks (at child height) in a dedicated space.  She says, “Nothing is worse than searching for backpacks when you should be out the door.”  I couldn’t agree more, and how great is her mudroom?!  You don’t have to have a mudroom though, you can set up a space for backpacks anywhere in your home!  I converted a closet into a mudroom space in our home.   
Tip for simplifying your morning routine: Keep backpacks at child's height in a dedicated space. - from Beckie @infarrantlycreative
Last but not least this tip from Cassie @primitveandproper is perfect for anyone that is wanting to adopt some healthy habits this year.  She says, “Leave your workout clothes in a pile ready to go so when your alarm goes off at 5:45 there’s no excuse!”

Tips for simplifying your morning routine: Leave your workout clothes in a pile so when your alarm goes off there's no excuses!   -from Cassie @primitiveandproper

I definitely need to start doing this!

This week’s tip is about Christmas storage.

Christmas Storage Tip - Use stackable, pull-out drawers to make organizing simple and easy!

I’m just now finishing up putting our Christmas decorations away.  Are you done already?  I’m a big, big fan of these stackable pull-out drawer storage bins!  They make organizing so simple and easy!  The drawers pull all the way out making it easy to find things and even easier to put everything away!

What tips do you have for organized Christmas storage?  Share your tips this week on instagram using #ofhquicktip and I’ll share a few favorites on the blog next week! 


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