Good Karma Comes to The Rockin’ B

It all started with a message from a German Shepherd Breeder.
“Are you guys looking for another breeding female?”
Photos, Pedigree and Details were exchanged.
Flower Boy and I discussed for many hours.
Questions were asked.
Much research was done.
 A phone call was made.
The next day…
An adventure was underway!
 This wasn’t just a Flower Boy/Rancher Girl road trip.
We had OkieGirl and her hubby with us.
We were on a mission!
We arrive to this amazing beast!
Although she is a step behind in weight and training, this little beaut is on her way to being the perfect Rockin’ B female!
Flower Boy will provide the training needed for her to possess the quality of Rockin’ B manners.

At only 10 months of age, she weighs in at 64 pounds.
This, however, is under weight for her king size frame.

Like the Rockin’ B stud, Onyx, this girl should top out above 100 pounds when grown.
Her size was one of the top discussions, when asked if we would consider adding her to our pack.
She comes from champion bloodlines.
Her parents have certified hips and elbows.
She will pass the certifications with ease.
Pairing this little girl, with Onyx, will yield those amazing extra large king size Rockin’ B German Shepherd Dogs that are so sought after.
Her colors and markings, mixed with Onyx, have the potential to produce sable pups. 
How could we not load her up and bring her home?
She has settled in well with Ailey Mae.
The Rockin’ B is proud to welcome our newest member, to the family.
Her home will be with OkieGirl, though she is an official Rockin’ B GSD.
We can’t wait to see this big girl get even bigger and produce some of the highest quality German Shepherd’s you have ever seen!
Her name is Karma!
We can’t wait to see what else 2015 brings!
Rancher Girl

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