high five it’s friday


We made it through the first full week of the year!  I always find it so hard to get back into a routine after the holidays, so I for one am more than happy to greet the weekend.  I’ve decided to change my 

“What’s on My Mind this Friday” posts to “High Five it’s Friday” for no other reason than I want to bring back the high five……you know because fist bumps are so 2014……and high fives are cool and retro.  😉  Ha!  The basic premise of the posts are still the same even with the title change.  It’s basically a brain dump of five random things, so let’s get this party started shall we?! 
1.I never believed in love at first sight until I saw these boots.  
plaid rain boots
red peacoat – great price!
plaid rain boots
plaid rain boots
They basically called my name and I came running towards them, cue the wind blowing in my hair.  It was quite romantic, obviously.  I love them.  like totally love them.   And they are SO warm too!  
2.  This week’s quick tip theme is on healthy living.  I know a lot of us make healthy living resolutions at the beginning of the year, whether it’s to exercise more, or eat more vegetables or stop drinking soda.  I find for myself that whatever my resolution is I am much more apt to reach my goal if I focus on creating new habits that will help me get there.  In terms of healthy living, one of the best habits I ever formed was to create a weekly meal plan.  It keeps me on my healthy eating game and makes week night dinners a breeze.  
Our Fifth House Quick Tip on Healthy Living - Make a Weekly Meal Plan
Do you have any healthy living tips to share?  Share a pic on Instagram or Facebook with #ofhquicktip and I’ll feature a few on my own social media! 
3.  Speaking of Instagram, don’t forget to enter the $550 West Elm giveaway going on over there.  Look for this picture below in my feed to find out all the details. 
West Elm Instagram Giveaway
4. So my first order of business this year is to set up a workstation for myself in our basement.  The little desk area I’ve been using in our bedroom has served it’s purpose, but I’m ready for a larger work space.  I’m also tired of seeing all my junk spread out all over my desk every time I walk into my bedroom.  Anyhow, I’ve been looking for a desk for awhile but was having a hard time finding something I liked at a reasonable price.  Then I found this beauty………….and basically bought it instantly before they could change the price on me! 
Campaign Style Wood Desk from Target
It arrived a couple days ago and I plan to put it together over the weekend.  Let’s hope it’s not an Ikea furniture situation.  I’ll keep you posted.  😉 
5.Y’all know I love me some Land’s End kids clothes.  Their quality for the price just can’t be beat in my opinion.  So being a good girlfriend, I have to tell you they’re having a great sale right now.  Um, yeah, this fleece pea coat is $16.99!!!!!   And trust me when I say, they won’t last long at that price. 
kid's fleece peacoat from Land's End
I love that it’s fleece so it’ll be lightweight but warm carrying my little cutie all the way through spring. 
And there’s also this buffalo check fleece pullover for boys that is absolutely adorable, although don’t tell my son I used the word adorable to describe an article of his clothing.  His Gigi (that’s his grandma on my hub’s side) bought him this for Christmas, and it’s the cutest (and also super warm)!  And it’s on sale now too! 
Kids buffalo check fleece pullover from Land's End
So mommas you may want to check out Land’s End! 
Have a wonderful weekend!  For those of you dealing with super cold temps like we are here in Kentucky bundle up and stay warm!! 
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