valentine’s day mantel decor

I was never one to decorate for Valentine’s Day until I had kids.  Something about seeing the excitement on their faces when our home is looking festive for a holiday makes me want to add a little holiday spirit to our home for every holiday, even the little ones.  And to be honest as much as I think they appreciate the sweetness I think I enjoy it more than they do.  After putting all the Christmas decorations away the house just looks so empty and sad.  A little bit of Valentine’s Day decor adds a bright, cheery feel to our home, which in the middle of winter is quite nice and, in my opinion, quite necessary! 
I don’t go crazy with the pink and red though, and I keep the hearts to a minimum.  Just a little bit goes a long way I think – simple and sweet. 
valentine day's mantel
valentine mantel
valentines decorating
I’m a big time fan of spreading a bouquet of flowers out in matching vases.  It brings a lot of decor bang for the buck and takes all the guess work out of arranging. 
valentines decorating
valentine decor
Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?   

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