easy diy chalkboard calendar

I’m currently working on setting up a work space for myself in our basement.  I’m kind of a calendar junkie and just couldn’t imagine having an office space without one.  I once again combined my calendar love with my chalkboard love and then added in a little gold.  And the best part is it took all of maybe 5 to 10 minutes max to put it all together and required absolutely no painting or hammering.  Yeah, this, my friends, is a diy for the non-diy’ers.  
chalkboard calendar
I used 2 chalkboard panels (from The Home Depot) which measure 2 ft x 4 ft.  I hung them on the wall with command strips…….lots of command strips…….don’t be stingy with the command strips.  Then I hung an open back gold frame (Hobby Lobby) on top of the chalkboard panels, again with lots of command strips.  Last I used white letter stickers for the days of the week and boom done!  No painting, no nailing, no heavy lifting, no sweat and tears……..just easy, simple and done!  That’s my favorite kind of diy.  🙂 
Are you a calendar junkie too?   Something about them just makes me feel more organized…..so weird but so true! 

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