where literature and design collide


I’ve always believed that interior design and decorating was about something more than pretty rooms filled with beautiful things.  A home is where life happens, and for me decorating our home is about about creating the setting of our story.  And the setting of a story, well, I don’t have to tell you how important the setting is to a great story.  Maybe it’s the book nerd in me, but I live for a great setting!  I am after all, the girl who dreams of one day visiting The Shire.  

So back in December while I was perusing the book store (one of my favorite things to do) I passed by this book and was immediately captivated by the cover.  Hellooooooo gorgeous red interior! 
Novel Interiors review and giveaway
Then the book nerd in me was drawn like a moth to a flame after reading “living in enchanted rooms inspired by literature”.  As I flipped through I immediately realized, I NEEDED this book.  I also decided that my mom needed it and so did one of you lucky readers! 
This book beautifully laces together literature and design.  
Novel Interiors
It’s not only filled with gorgeous inspiration……..
novel interiors
novel interiors book review
novel interiors  - book review
but it’s also filled with real, practical design advice. 
novel interiors  - book review
This isn’t a design book you look through once and then let it collect dust on your coffee table.  This is a book you read and re-read, you flip through and earmark, you pour over again and again.  Which is exactly why I picked up an extra copy for one of you!  
To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment telling me your favorite book setting……and it’s perfectly okay with me if it happens to be Forks.  😉   I’ll choose a winner next Thursday.  Make sure you leave your email address if you’re a no-reply commenter so I can let you know if you win! 

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