kids idea – vacation scrapbooks

kids idea - vacation scrapbooks

If you follow me on Instagram you know that we took our kids to NYC the week before Christmas. We met some family friends of ours there who traveled in from Virginia, and we all had a great time. This was our kids first trip there, and I wanted it to be a trip they would always remember. Before we left for our trip I gave my kids a gift bag which was filled with a scrapbook, some stickers and a disposable camera. I had no idea what a hit those disposable cameras would be?! My daughter kept calling it a “vintage” camera…….which didn’t make me feel old or anything. The things they took pictures of…………are literally priceless.

My girl took a before and after picture of her gluten free pancakes at Friedman’s. Ha! No idea where she learned to take pictures of her food. 😉

In addition to getting their pictures developed I also printed the instagram pictures I took during our trip, so they could add those to their books as well. They spent a couple of hours sitting and creating their scrapbooks together (without any bickering) remembering how much fun they had on that vacation.

The end result is a book I hope they both cherish for years to come. I loved that these books aren’t from my perspective. They’ll be able to look back and see their own handwriting, what they thought was cool, what they thought was picture worthy………’s a recap of their first trip to NYC through their 8 and 10 year old eyes.
kids vacation scrapbooks

kids vacation scrapbooks

I don’t know why I’ve never thought to do this before, but I think this may be a new vacation tradition. And I think I may even let the Easter Bunny bring them both a real camera because they’re both pretty darn good photographers!


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