dreaming of spring


Hey friends! Happy Friday! I know I haven’t posted much over the past couple of weeks. Life has been a little crazy with sick kiddos, doctor’s appointments, school meetings and activities, a traveling hubby, a million snow days (not really a million, but close enough) and well…….I think you get it. Rather than stress about trying to keep up with the blog, I took a little break to keep myself from going insane. I’m happy to be back though……..I really missed you all!

Because I have just one thing on my mind this Friday I thought I’d skip my usual “random five for Friday post” and just focus on the one thing that has been occupying my thoughts as of late. Basically Elsa, the infamous snow queen, has decided to visit Lexington and we’ve been home-bound due to snow and freezing temps for the entire week. Not even kidding when I say Lexington basically shut down for a few days……..I mean grocery stores were open for limited hours! Yesterday I literally spent 3 hours digging my way out!

I’m now feeling muscles in my back that I didn’t even know existed. Being the Southern Californian that I am I think snow is fun for like 5 minutes and then I’m like dude, I need some flip flop weather stat! I LIVE for sunny, warm days! All week long I’ve been dreaming of spring…………….dreaming of wearing something other than boots and hats and gloves……..dreaming of anything that isn’t fleece, wool or flannel………….I’m sooooooo ready to ditch winter and all the heavy clothing layers she requires!

I’m ready for bare legs……..and sundresses!

Pictures don’t do this seersucker dress shown above any justice at all. This dress is ADORABLE! Love the cut…….and hello, it’s seersucker!

Polka dots are always a yes in my book. They’re fun, happy and totally classic. And seriously how cute are those jelly sandals……reminds me of third grade.

Black, white and red is one of my fav color combos. I’m totally digging the cropped trench which also comes in the classic tan.

Clearly I’m loving a good maxi. They are so easy to throw on making you look pulled together with little to no effort. I’m thinking this light blue polka dot number would be perfect for Easter this year…….that is if Elsa decides to take her snow business somewhere else. Fingers crossed! I’m so over winter!

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? Are you dreaming of spring too?


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