simple diy – framing with book pages

Since I posted the reveal of our pink and red powder bathroom I’ve received bunches of questions regarding the artwork. I gave the source info for the black and white sketches as well as the derby print in the original post. However the large floral piece was a actually a little diy project (of sorts) so I wasn’t able to tell you all where to find one for yourself.
gallery wall in a powder bathroom
Today I’m finally sharing the deets on this super quick and simple diy. It’s such a simple project that I didn’t even bother photographing the process. All I did was use mod podge to mount a floral print (that I purchased at Hobby Lobby) to a blank canvas. Then I used some book pages I ripped out of an old book (that was already falling apart) to frame the print. Mod podge (I used the matte version) worked like a charm both as a glue and a nice sealer to protect the surface. That’s it in a nutshell! This was a nice way to “frame” the print without an actual frame, but it also was a great way to get a larger piece of artwork from a smaller sized print. And considering how inexpensive prints are and how often canvases are on sale this was also a nice bang for the buck project.
framing an art print with book pages
The mod podge also created a few wrinkles in the print which added a fun vintage-y look to the print. If you didn’t want to use book pages, old sheet music or even scrapbook paper would be a great looking alternative.
Artwork doesn’t have to be framed. And often times showcasing artwork outside of a typical frame can really shine a special spotlight on your piece. When your art print only cost you $7.99 you feel a little more creative freedom when it comes to experimenting with alternative framing options. 😉

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