re-organized boy’s closet

If you’ve been following this little blog since last spring than you may remember that I had a minor meltdown one afternoon while putting clothes away in my son’s closet and decided to remove all of the wire shelving. Some mommies freak out about wire hangers……….this mommy freaks out about wire closet systems. We all have our own “issues”. So I busted out my drill and removed the old wire shelving system and breathed a giant sigh of relief. Nothing inspires me more than a completely empty, blank space of a closet to re-organize from scratch! Seriously.
I’ve shared a few updates along the way. Today, almost a year from when this re-organization began, I’m sharing the whole space……finally right?!
organized boy's closet
I started with beadboard wallpaper. What a wonderful difference that alone made in the space! Then I brought in a bookcase, removed the doors and turned it into a clothing organizer. We choose outfits weekly around here to make our early mornings a little less chaotic, so the top shelf is key. Since he’s a big time 5th grader getting ready to head to middle school I thought a calendar would be helpful for him to keep track of his schedule……..athletic practices, after-school meeting, assignments, etc.
I just used a whiteboard from The Home Depot and applied black stickers for the days of the week – simple and easy.

whiteboard calendar
For hats and ties I put together this super simple wall organizer.
tie and hat storage
Rather than installing a typical closet rod, I used a galvanized pipe to bring in an industrial feel.
organized boy's closet
industrial galvanized pipe closet rod
For shoe storage I brought in this lightweight stackable cube system which helps to keep shoes from cluttering up the floor space. I just love these fabric bins!
stackable closet shoe storage
And while it may have taken me a full year to post the final reveal, this closet has been functioning well for my boy since this past summer. It honestly stays looking just as neat and organized as it looks in these photos. It may seem silly to spend time “decorating” a closet, but it honestly makes a huge difference in your attitude towards the space. When your closet functions well and looks nice you do a better job of keeping it that way. At least that seems to be the way it works in my home.
Mainly I’m just happy that there is no more wire shelving in here!
organized boy closet
Want to see how it looked before? Check out this post.

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