diy coat rack

Hey friends! Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments and messages regarding the magazine feature! Your support and encouragement is so very much appreciated!
Today I’m back to show you the easiest little diy project that you could totally bust out in less than an hour. Basically it’s my favorite kind of diy. I live for easy projects! Who’s with me?! This also happens to be the best little project for anyone, like myself, who has a tendency to hoard decorative knobs. I’m a such a sucker for cabinet hardware, or really hardware of any kind. I could spend hours in that aisle over at Hobby Lobby! And I’ve been known to run into Anthro just to take a peek at their knobs and hooks.
Anyhow, this diy coat rack could make an appearance anywhere in your home from your entry way to your guest bedroom or even in your closet for jewelry and accessories…….so many great options for such a simple project.
diy coat rack
All you need is a collection of hooks or knobs, from your stockpiled hoard, a scrap piece of moulding, a pencil, a tape measure, a drill and screwdriver.
diy coat rack
I had this leftover piece of primed moulding from the kids bathroom project. As you can see it was looking kind of beat after collecting dust in the garage for almost a year. I used the tape measure and marked exactly where I wanted each hook before I nailed the board to the wall.
doy coat rack
Once the board was up I lightly painted one coat of white making sure not to cover the pencil marks where I wanted my hooks/knobs to be placed.
diy wall mount coat rack
When you pre drill the holes you want to be sure to use a drill bit that is slightly larger than your screws. It makes it so much easier to attach your knobs and hooks.
For the hooks I replaced the matching screws that came with them for longer drywall screws. This way these hooks are super secure and sturdy as the hooks aren’t just attached to the board but to the wall. I like using drywall screws as I find that they eliminate the need for anchors, which I pretty much loathe using with a passion.
diy coat rack
To make the silver screws match the black hooks I used a little paintbrush and some chalkboard paint. Worked like a charm!
Then I gave her one last coat of paint and called her done!
Now when guests come to stay with us they have a place to hang things where they can grab them easily as they head out the door for the day! And I was able to display these pretty large knobs I’ve been dying to use in a project for months. 😉
diy coat rack
Are you a hardware addict too? I think something like this using a bunch of different knobs would be so fun in a closet as a jewelry organizer!

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