vignette styling ideas


I love styling and re-styling a vignette. I live for the details in design, and I love how a freshly restyled vignette can give your room a whole new lease on life. I’m certainly no decorating expert but since I just recently created a new spring moment on the dresser-turned-console-table in our living room I thought I’d share a few simple styling ideas with you all in hopes that maybe you might find a little takeaway here to apply in your own home!

So first off it’s all fair in love and decorating so you can totally use a dresser, a bookshelf or whatever your heart desires as a console table. You can even get super inventive by stacking up old suitcases or grab two night stands and have a long board cut to fit over the top. The sky’s the limit. I personally love me a furniture workhorse, so I’m a big time fan of using anything that marries form with concealed storage!
vignette styling ideas - dresser turned console table
Second, if your statement piece i.e. your art piece or mirror or whatever your hanging over your console table isn’t quite large enough put a frame on it…….or in this case put a frame around it. Little art + big open back frame + fabric nailed to the wall = big bang for the buck statement piece.
Third, there’s more than one way to update an old piece of furniture. While paint is definitely one way to go, you can also give your vintage pieces a fresh update with modern lamps or a table runner. I tend to gravitate towards a collected look so I dig the traditional modern mix here. And since this dresser is a family heirloom that we have no intention of ever painting it’s nice to give it a fresh look with zero commitment.
Fourth, when in doubt go with a collection. If you’re unsure what to put in the middle of your console table don’t over think it too much and just stick to a collection of some kind. Whether it’s a collection of stacked design books or a vintage collection of green glass jars or what I like to call an “indoor garden” which is basically a group of plants, you really can’t go wrong. Just vary the heights to keep things from looking too stiff. And don’t overlook your bowls which can easily double as sweet little planters.
vignette styling ideas - bowls as planters
Fifth, it’s not about perfection. Styling a vignette is about you creating a moment in your home that makes you smile. Decorating is supposed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to let your home reflect your personality. The only decorating rule you should ever worry about following is: Decorate with what makes you happy!

Do you love styling a vignette as much as I do? This time of year especially it’s just so nice to give your home a breath of fresh air!

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