the little basement bathroom

The little bathroom in our basement has been sort of neglected since we moved in five years ago. I attempted to give it a makeover back in 2012 but I never really finished. This bathroom wasn’t in need of a full gut job. All it needed was some love to make it feel less boring.
basement bathroom makeover

This small windowless bathroom doesn’t get much light, and the little mirror that hung over the sink wasn’t doing it any favors.

basement bathroom makeover

I painted it a light blue years ago but never really loved it. After a while it started to look a little too much like periwinkle for me. And the grout in this bathroom was in need of a deep clean or a good cover-up.

basement bathroom makeover
I decided to change the wall color to Sherwin Williams Incredible White and finally once and for all give this little bathroom the makeover it deserved. I kept her super simple. I went with lots of white with a few pops of color, brought in some functional pretty storage pieces and gave the grout a new look with dark grey paint.
basement bathroom makeover
To deal with the small-bathroom-no-storage issue I hung some window boxes to use for storage baskets – perfect for holding extra rolls of tp. In lieu of a traditional towel bar or ring I brought in a leaning ladder for towels.
bathroom storage idea - window boxes on hooks
The ladder adds height and keeps things interesting. I like bringing in decorative elements to a bathroom that help to keep the space from feeling too sterile or utilitarian.
basement bathroom makeover
I’m also a big fan of mixed metals, and I think the gold elements add warmth to the space.
bathroom art
lantern planter
bathroom accessories
Such a simple and easy makeover…….why did it take me five years to finally get her done?!
basement bathroom makeover
It’s funny how the little makeovers can take the longest to finish……..or is it just me?

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