guest room closet – vanity in a closet

Hey hey friends! Happy Tuesday! I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front for a few days because my dad’s in town visiting from California. He flew in Saturday and we’ve already been to The Home Depot three times! If you’re new around here, my dad’s quite the jack of all trades and every time he comes to visit good stuff happens around here. He has helped me build a swing set/clubhouse for my kiddos, created a backyard fire pit and benches, and fenced in our a/c units among countless other projects. This trip we’re working on giving my basement fireplace a little makeover………more on that story coming soon.
Today I’m excited to share the update I gave our guest room closet. I finished it just in time for my dad’s visit. The closet area was the last thing on my to do list for the guest room which means the room is finally done. Or as done as any room gets around here… is never done……am I right? 😉
As you all know I have a disdain for wire shelving. I think it works well in utility areas like pantries and storage closets but a closet meant for clothing should, in my humble opinion, be outfitted with something other than wire. So I’ve been on a mission to rid the closets in our bedrooms of their wire shelving. I started with my son’s closet and am now glad to have the guest room closet checked off my list.
Because our guests share a bathroom with my kiddos when they visit I thought creating a vanity area in the closet would be a nice way to give them a bit more privacy when they’re getting ready for the day.
guest room closet - vanity in a closet
Previously this closet had just one wire shelf across the top which really didn’t make the best use of the storage space.
guest room closet before
After removing the wire shelving and patching those holes, I installed beadboard wallpaper. I’m a big time fan of that paper and have used it in the closet turned mudroom in our basement, the kid’s bathroom and my son’s closet. It’s durable and pre-pasted making it super easy to work with, and it’s pretty inexpensive. I could have just painted the closet but since I wanted to create “a room within a room” look I thought the beadboard paper would be a nice touch. And seeing as how it’s only $19.99 a roll it really wasn’t too costly.
guest room closet - vanity in a closet
I built in two shelves (which I’ll give you a simple tutorial on later) and brought in two rods for hanging clothes (Allen + Roth adjustable closet rods – from Lowe’s) which makes much better use of the storage space.
Because the attic access is at the top of this closet I made the top shelf removable. (More on that simple construction coming soon.)
vanity in a closet
Since this closet is just for guests to use and will only house linens for the guest room and extra blankets, it was easy to add a mirror in here to create a little vanity area but still have space for guests to hang clothes and stash away suitcases. This closet also has a ceiling light fixture so even at night it’s nice and bright in there.
a vanity in a closet
A counter height stool works perfectly as a vanity stool, and the shelf here is a great place for guests to store their toiletries instead of leaving them in the bathroom they share with my kiddos.
diy closet shelf
And it’s so nice for guests to be able to store all their stuff in here and then close the doors. This way their room stays clutter free and they can better enjoy their time visiting with us.
creating a vanity in a closet
My only regret here is that I didn’t do this sooner! Clearing out this closet to create a closet that is both useful and pretty is really going to make our guests that much more comfortable when they come to visit us!

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