a great day at the derby

How can it be Monday already?! I want to curl back up in bed and pretend it’s still the weekend. We had a great time at the Derby this weekend. The weather was just perfect!
Kentucky Derby style - pink hat, green and white striped dress
Since I asked you all for your opinions on which shoes to wear I wanted to pop in today to let you know which ones I chose.
Kentucky Derby style - pink and green
I chose the white heels. These are the most comfy heels I own, and the white snake skin makes them super easy to keep clean. They’re an extra 25% off today so if you’ve been looking to add a pair of white heels to your collection now is the time to snag these. I was so glad I didn’t buy a new dress just for the occasion. I can’t tell you how many women I saw wearing the same dress. This green and white striped Forever 21 dress I purchased last spring has never disappointed.
We had a blast! What we lost in dollars we gained in laughs. And while Mint Juleps get all the fame my personal favorite is the Lily.
Kentucky Derby
Cheers to the week ahead! I’m hoping to get my act together in time to make it a productive one!
*photos courtesy of my friend, the iPhone papparazi 😉

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