2015 summer list, potting bench + patio peek


Hey friends, as I mentioned on Facebook the other day, we just finished making out our summer bucket list. What started a few years back as a fun way of kicking off summer break has quickly become a family tradition. It’s definitely one my kiddos look forward to every year. They enjoy making the list just as much as they enjoy doing the activities, and it gives me a game plan for the summer. (Which is key for my mom sanity if you know what I mean.) You can see last year’s list here.

As those of you who’ve been around Our Fifth House for awhile know I post our list on the chalkboard shutters that sit on the potting bench in our backyard. I love having the list visible for all of us to see, and I really enjoy styling this little area of our patio every year! What can I say really except that I totally dig a form meets function situation.
summer list - potting bench - gold outdoor accessories
Last year I spray painted some accessories with my favorite gold spray paint, and they’re still looking shiny and happy! The only new items here are the wreath and galvanized lanterns which came from Michael’s and are currently on sale for 60% off! Everything else you see here are items I’ve had for years.
2015 summer list - chalkboard shutters - potting bench
I kept the plantings in pots really simple this year. In year’s past I’ve gone a little overboard and mid-July I’d be completely done with having to water everything. So this year my motto is “fewer pots, fewer dead plants”. 😉
Thankfully succulents basically care for themselves.
spray painted gold mason jars
If there’s something prettier than metallic gold mason jars I don’t know what it is. #obsessed
Okay wait I take it back…….gold pinwheels might be prettier.
spray painted gold pinwheels
Stacked empty pots can be just as charming as pots with plants……and they’re a whole lot less work. Which means more time to actually do the things on the ol’ summer bucket list!
potting bench
My best tip to make wrangling your watering hose easier is to wrap it around an upside down pot. This has saved my sanity. for realz.
keep your hose from tangling up - wrap it around an upside down planter
I’m sooooooo ready for summer this year! I’m ready for warm sunshine-y days where the sun doesn’t set until almost 9 pm. I recently refreshed our patio area and can’t wait to show you how it’s looking now. Here’s a little sneak peek. Full reveal and all the deets coming to the blog in a couple weeks!
refreshed patio
Happy Thursday! One more day ’til Friyay!

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