family room tour


As I’m updating the home tour on the ol’ blog I’m resharing the room makeover stories. So much has happened over the years since starting this little blog and not all of you have been along for the ride from the very beginning. So I figured a quick trip down memory lane would be helpful for the newbies. Last week I gave you a tour of our entry foyer and today we’re venturing into the family room. You can actually see this room from the front door.

house tour
family/living room tour

This room has changed quite a bit since move in day over 5 years ago. Excuse this fuzzy phone photo……this was before the blog and before the iPhone. 😉

One of the very first projects I tackled in this room was to whitewash the brick fireplace. What a huge difference that made! It totally lightened up the room but maintained the character of the brick.

whitewashed brick fireplace

We also had the white carpet pulled up and replaced with dark bamboo floors.

We had the old white french doors replaced with sliding glass doors that I painted black. I stenciled some painter’s drop cloths for curtain panels. That was initially supposed to be an interim plan until I sourced a material I really loved for curtains, but years later they are still there because I love them so much! I replaced the white ceiling fan with a black chandy I found at Lowe’s years ago. It’s on a dimmer. In fact just about every light in my home is on dimmer; I highly recommend them!

living room tour

I created a gallery wall using pictures cut out from a book about Kentucky.

kentucky themed gallery wall
Kentucky artwork found on Etsy
This room is basically like the hub of the house. It doesn’t have a single solid wall. Every wall has an opening leading to another room or hallway. In this hallway that leads to the powder room I painted stripes on the wall to add interest behind the sofa.
family room tour - bold colors and prints
bold red walls in living room
hallway console table vignette - diy striped wall
Working our way around the room, the television sits in this corner armoir I found at Ballard Designs.
corner television armoir from Ballard Designs

I dig vintage books and suitcases.

decorating with vintage books and suitcases

And moving past the corner armoir is this old dresser (that belonged to my hub’s grandparents) that we use as a console table. It houses lots of decor accessories. I love pretty concealed storage! More details about this vignette can be found here.

If you turn left into this doorway you’ll land in the breakfast room & kitchen.

That concludes the family room tour! I’ll be back soon to share the story of our screened-in porch/deck which is what is on the other side of those black sliding doors.

family/living  room tour

Have a beautiful day!


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