master bathroom tour

Yesterday when I showed you where my new diy song lyric art ended up I gave you a little glimpse of our master bath. Today I’m giving you the full tour.
master bathroom - wall paint color - Martha Stewart Sandpiper
I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to pull this space together. It’s the one room in our home that really didn’t need a ton of work done in terms of renovation. At one point in time a previous owner gave this master bath a little update and tiled the countertop, tub and shower. While it isn’t exactly what I would have chosen it’s not bad looking at all. It’s a nice neutral, natural looking tile that is easy to keep clean and creates a spa like feeling in our bathroom. I think there’s something to be said for choosing neutrals when it comes to things like tile and hard finishes. You can style up a space any way you like when you start with a neutral space.
master bathroom
I was a bad blogger and never really got a good before picture. Here’s an old picture that really shows off the power of paint. The previous color was a dark brownish grey which made this bathroom feel a little small.
master bath before
Being that we have such a dark color (Martha Stewart Wrought Iron- which is a dark navy) on the walls of our master bedroom I wanted something light and bright in our bathroom. I chose Sandstone by Martha Stewart which is also on the ceiling in our master bedroom so the two rooms flow nicely. It really is amazing how larger this rooms feels with a lighter color on the walls. Little change – large impact – I’m all about those kinds of changes.
master bath tour
We also changed the light fixtures opting for simple and understated. I found the mirrors at HomeGoods, and I like the way the natural wood color compliments the glass shade of the light fixture and adds warmth to this cool and serene space. A previous owner painted the oak vanity white, so all I had to do was give it a fresh coat of paint. I did sand the edges a bit to give them a slightly distressed look then I fell head over heels in love with these amazing knobs from Anthropologie. I bought them last fall and I don’t think they’re available any longer (sorry!). I love them in a major major way. I know some people like all the metals in their bathrooms to match, but I’m not on the matching metals team. It’s totally cool if you are, but I just typically prefer the layered look of mixing my metals. So it doesn’t bother me in the least that these knobs have gold and my faucets are brushed chrome.
Speaking of the faucets, we did replace the old ones with these modern looking brushed chrome guys. I wanted something with a longer spout….neck…what do you call it? And the handle on one of our old faucets broke so we had to replace them anyway. I would have preferred something a little more feminine/glamorous looking, but my hub really liked these and he does live here too – so you know, there’s that c-word called compromise that makes marriage so fun! 😉
I mean, he can have his faucets, so long as I can have these beautiful blue beauties!
master bathroom tour
On the opposite side of the vanity is the shower. I added this towel hook bar – just nailed some thin flat moulding to the wall, painted it and then added the hooks. I think towel hooks as a opposed to a towel bar is the way to the go. So much easier to deal with on a daily basis, at least for me anyway.
towel hook bar
towel hook bar
The main change in the shower area is the shower head. We went big. Once again little change – big impact. We got the shower head at Target years ago, and man, did it make this shower feel and look more grand.
large shower head
So that’s our master bath friends. It’s always amazing to me how much a little paint, a couple of simple diy projects and a few accessories can just make a space shine. Sometimes it’s not about tearing down walls and gutting a space. Granted we started with a pretty clean slate, but there’s still a lot to be said for working with what you’ve got. Little tweaks can make a world of difference!
The blue boxes on the vanity were a HomeGoods find, and the throw rugs I picked up at Target.

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