not so makeshift nightstands


What started out as a temporary fix might just end up being a long term solution. As I mentioned last week our guest bedroom has already seen some serious action. (In fact, it’s currently being occupied by Grandma and Papa Fred.) If there’s one thing I feel strongly about in terms of the design of a bedroom it’s bedside lamps. They’re such a creature comfort. Every bedroom needs at least one bedside light.

My problem was that I had the lamps I wanted to use, but I didn’t have nightstands for them. Being that I didn’t want to rush the process of finding the perfect bedside tables, I decided to throw a couple of makeshift nightstands together using baskets, boxes and books……all of which I already had around the house. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Re-imagining things I already own. That’s the one super fun thing about moving……it’s like one big, giant game of musical furniture. Everything finds a new home.

makeshift nightstand - basket, wooden box and books

The idea was that these “makeshifters” would stand in until I sourced suitable, more serious nightstands. They were supposed to be temporary………but then I kind of fell in love with their unexpected quirkiness……so now I’m thinking maybe they’re not so makeshift-y after all.

stacked baskets and books as a nighstand

I added black number signs that I picked up a year ago in the hardware store and held onto for that “someday project”; and well, it’s kind of crazy, but basically those metal number plaques sealed the deal. I don’t know that I would do a stacked basket nightstand in a kid’s room, but they’re definitely sturdy enough for adult use. And they really do fit in with the whole vibe I’m going for in here. So long story short, it’s good to think outside the box a little and to give baskets, boxes and books a try. 😉

Has a temporary design decision ever become a bit more permanent in your home?

Before signing off for the day, I want to say a huge, “Thank you!” From the bottom of my heart, I am so beyond grateful for the messages of concern and prayers you all sent our way. Hurricane Joaquin brought some very heavy, very steady rain, but my family and home remained safe and dry. Unfortunately for so many others here in South Carolina that just isn’t the case. So many families have been affected by flood waters, and my heart and prayers are with them.


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