our pink front door


I’ve long adored a pink front door, so I decided now that we’re living in Charleston, the land of colorful front doors, to make like Nike and just do it. There are a lot of different shades of pink, like a whole lot. I narrowed it down to two similar shades of pink, a softer shade called Rachel Pink and one that was a bit darker called Rosedust, both by Sherwin Williams. I asked you all on instagram and facebook which color you liked best, and wouldn’t you know it, y’all were split right down the middle. #thanksforthehelpguys #sarcasm

So I went with my gut and chose the lighter of the two shades – Rachel Pink, and I’m really happy with the choice. It’s a fun, happy color. I think either color would have looked fine, but since my hub was on team Rachel Pink too, I took that as a good sign.

Rachel Pink by Sherwin Williams on the front door

I edited our street number for the blog, but we really do have black address numbers on our front porch stairs, which I love. Little details like that just make me happy.

pink front door in the fall

Last week I mentioned that painting the front door pink led to a few other small updates. I changed out the old, rusty light fixtures for these simple carriage style light fixtures from Lowe’s, and you can read about how I refreshed the door handle with rub ‘n buff here.

pink front door

I also gave my wreath hangers a little makeover with rub ‘n buff and some white outdoor trim paint. I love these stag head hangers as they will work through the entire holiday season. The wreaths were a HomeGoods find.

pink front door
Our A&E Outdoor furniture set that lived on the patio in our fifth house is sitting pretty on our front porches here at house number six.
pink front door
pink front door

We still have a few things planned for the front exterior in terms of landscaping, but those things won’t happen until next year. We want to add a couple of palm trees to each corner of the front yard, one over by the garage area and one over by the right front corner of the porch; and in the spring I plan to add hanging baskets or window boxes to the railings! All in all I’m pretty happy with the little changes we’ve made so far. The pink door makes me so happy! It’s such a fun change. There are so many colorful doors here in the Charleston area. On my street alone there are red, peach, coral and blue doors…..and I just love them all! #givemeallthecolorfulhomes

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with their color choice opinions! It’s so nice to have such a great sounding board. It was interesting too, because being that you all were split down the middle it just proved to me how personal color choices really are. There’s really no “right” or “wrong” color; there’s just the color that’s right for you. Apparently pink paint also leads to deep thinking….or maybe that’s the paint fumes talking. 😉
Happy Monday friends! Just think, there’s a whole bunch of bite-sized sugar-y goodness waiting for you at the end of this week! Keep the tricks…..bring on the treats!

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