she’s my person


By virtue of the fact that we married brothers, we are sisters by law…..but we’re bound together in love. I never call her my sister-in-law. She’s my sister. Plain and simple. She’s my best girlfriend. We can talk for hours on the phone about nothing. We can look at each other and know what the other is thinking. She’ll take care of my babies if something happens to me. She’ll talk me down when I’m on the verge of a breakdown. She’ll make me laugh when I need cheering up. She’ll offer sound advice or lend a listening, non-judgmental ear. I’ll always be in her corner, and she’ll always be in mine. I almost can’t describe in words just how much she means to me….other than to say, “She’s my person.” Yes, I’m stealing that line from Grey’s Anatomy. My husband is my life partner, and I love him dearly. But what I’ve found in my relationship with my sister makes every aspect of life that much sweeter.

We had a really good thing going for the past six years as we lived just 10 minutes from each other, and then……..this summer I moved away. No doubt the hardest part of leaving Kentucky was moving away from my sister. Since her birthday is in November and Christmas is soon after I wanted to send her a little something special in the mail.
Lowe's Giftables - Makes gift giving so easy!
And Lowe’s made sending her a special gift package super easy! Being that she’s not the biggest fan of the long, cold and often snow-filled winter months in Kentucky and that she loves sprucing up her beautiful outdoor space when spring rolls in, I thought I’d send her a little something to get her through those winter months she dreads so much. A box of “Patio Zen” is perfect for my sister who lives for flip flop weather!
Lowe's Giftables - Patio Zen Gift Box
The Patio Zen box comes packaged with a solar outdoor lantern (I love the fact that this thing is solar powered!), beautiful outdoor vintage-style Edison string lights, an LED pillar candle with timer, an extension cord and cable ties. Basically it’s a patio starter kit packaged together in a gift box so you, the giver, won’t have to run around from store to store putting together a gift package for your special person.
Lowe's Giftables - Patio Zen Gift Box
And the great thing is, Lowe’s has created all kinds of different giftable packages in a range of prices for the special people in your life. There’s everything from Grilling, BBQ, and Gardening kits to Holiday DIY and Craft packages plus more! You can take a look at the variety of gift packages available right here. They’re only available online while supplies last, so hurry to check them out before they’re gone.
What I love about the Patio Zen package is that my sister won’t have to wait for warmer weather to enjoy her gift. This solar lantern is going to look so cute by her front door during the holidays!
Lowe's Giftables - Patio Zen - Solar Outdoor Lantern
I love sending thoughtful gifts to my people. I especially love it when finding and sending the perfect gift is simple and easy! One stop shopping makes the season just a little bit merrier! 😉
So, who’s your “person” and have you figured out what to give them this year? And since I already brought up Grey’s Anatomy, how hard is it to watch without Derek?! #allthecryingfaceemojis
*Thanks to Lowe’s for helping me send some sisterly love! As always thoughts and opinions expressed are 1000% genuine.

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