{DIY} Cozy Winter Foyer with At Home


This post brought to you by At Home. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Lovely Crafty Home.

Remember my post about my first trip to At Home? I had such a great time there! Unfortunately it’s not super close to my house, so on my inaugural trip I tried to grab everything I would need to decorate my whole house for the holidays. Last time, I shared my rustic winter table – perfect for entertaining this holiday season. Now I’ve moved into the foyer with my At Home Christmas Decor. I picked up a quite a few things, but barely made a dent in their 15 themes!

  • Seas & Greetings
  • Holiday Hoedown
  • Lavish and Luxe
  • Peppermint Jazz
  • Berry Platinum
  • Forest Fairy Tales
  • Crystal Chateau
  • Cherished Memories
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Midnight Plume
  • Regal Renaissance
  • Snowcapped Scene
  • Handcrafted from Around the World
  • Dem Darlings
  • Handcrafted

I wanted to keep the cozy and rustic feel throughout the house, so my plan was to include 1) fur, 2) evergreen, and 3) natural elements.

Whenever I start on a new arrangement, I like to gather all of my potential ingredients so to speak. It’s a bit like cooking, right? I keep my seasonal things in bins in the basement, so I’ll bring up the ones marked Christmas and go through them. Anything I haven’t used in awhile goes immediately to a donate pile (remember we’re still working towards minimalism)! I would say MOST of my decorative items really cross all seasons, it’s just the context that brings everything together for a particular look. Whenever I make a purchase these days, I really need to LOVE the item and have it fit in with my existing stash in an effortless way. At Home has such a wide selection that I was able to find so many things I loved – and they were really affordable thanks to their everyday low prices!

I knew I wanted to use this awesome sparkle stag art and one of my lanterns recently purchased from At Home, so I started with those. I had some leftover fur fabric from a previous project, so I quickly cut a long runner to use as a base. It’s a low pile fur, so it looks more like snow – happy accident! Then I filled in the space with some of my other items, moving them around until I liked the way it looked. The finishing touch is some scattered cypress cuttings.

I’ll be honest, sometimes I struggle with this process. It definitely takes practice! Just keep playing with the arrangement, place items at different heights or in different positions. Sometimes I even remove everything and start over. It’s ok, just let it flow. It will come together eventually, and you’ll be glad you stuck it out.

What do you think?? I love the stag art – it’s perfect for Christmas time, but it also has an alternate home in my office already :) The two lanterns I purchased are easily worked into any decor!

Next time I’ll be sharing my ideas for Christmas Trees and how I designed the perfect Tree for Me. I’ll give you a hint: it will probably be cozy and rustic :)

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