jewelry organization

Nine times out of ten I’ll buy a new necklace over a new dress for an event. I chalk it up to financial smarts. 😉 Accessories always fit, provide a multitude of options and in short are a game changer. And my shopping habits have been confirmed encouraged by a number of Hollywood stylists who I’ve heard say, “Seventy percent of your wardrobe should be accessories.” Alrighty then. Bring on all the shiny, sparkly things. Problem is, if you can call hoarding costume jewelry a problem, jewels in particular can be kind of a headache to keep organized. But what’s the point of having options if you can’t locate the one you need? So here’s how I wrangled my necklace collection in my new-to-me closet.
DIY Jewelry Organizer
A quick trip to the hardware store for pegboard, hooks and two cans of spray paint and I was back home and done with this project in one afternoon. I chose red spray paint because those of you that know me are like, duh that’s your favorite color. I sprayed the hooks gold instead of leaving them silver because I feel like the gold color makes them look less utilitarian, but I could have just as easily left them as is.
Pegboard Jewelry Organizer
This pegboard organizer fits perfectly on the wall behind the closet door, basically utilizing space that would otherwise go unused.
pegboard jewelry organizer
I attached the pegboard to the wall with anchors in all four corners so it’s sturdy enough to hold the weight plus more. It keeps my necklace collection in one place with room to add more. I love simple solutions that take little time, effort and money. Don’t you?
diy pegboard jewelry organizer
For my arm party stash I borrowed an idea I saw in an old issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine and finally put the teacups that came with my china to good use.
using teacups as a drawer divider for organizing bracelets
Since I’m not really an earring girl and only wear studs, I use this small leopard jewelry box (I found at HomeGoods years ago) to store them. Using a drawer in my bathroom vanity keeps everything in one place when I’m getting ready.
Last but not least, I can’t do a post on jewelry without mentioning my newest obsession. Have I told you all about Rocksbox? I’m not a “subscription box” person at all, but this one was just too good to pass up……I have a hard time saying no to shiny, sparkly things. 😉 Anyhow, for $19 a month you make a jewelry wish list……I’m talking Loren Hope and Kendra Scott…..and then from your wish list Rocksbox sends you a box of 3 surprise items that you get to basically rent and try out to see if you want to keep them. If you don’t want to keep them, no big deal, you just send them back at no charge and they’ll send you another box of 3 items. And you can keep exchanging them as much as you want. There’s no limit and you never have to pay for the shipping, plus you’re never required to purchase anything if you don’t want to. But if you do, the items are priced lower making them more affordable if you do decide to keep them. I’ve been using this service since July and have been very happy. It’s just so fun to receive a little box of sparkle in the mail. Plus it’s fun to try things with zero commitment. If you’re interested in trying it out you can use code ourfifthhousexoxo to get your first month free.
Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription - use code ourfifthhousexoxo for your first month free
I’m kind of into spikes right now.
So are you a costume jewelry hoarder? How do you keep your jewelry organized?

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