bookcases with urbane bronze + grasscloth

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze and Grasscloth Wallpaper on Bookcases
Well friends, the bookcases in my living room are officially done! Finally. You may recall a few weeks ago when I mentioned I was planning to paint them black. I decided to go a shade lighter. The color I chose is Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze, and I’m in major love with the way this charcoal grey pairs with the color of the sofa, the new gold hardware (Lowe’s) and the grasscloth wallpaper (also from Lowe’s) I added to the backs.
Charcoal grey + Grasscloth on bookcases
It’s a little softer than a pure black would have been yet still moody and dramatic. The grasscloth on the backs adds some nice texture and contrast, and it also keeps the bookcases from feeling too overpowering and heavy.
Bookcase styling - old books - old black and white photos
I purposefully laid the grasscloth wallpaper horizontally so that the seams would be hidden behind the shelves.
Use a stack of books to display old black and white photos with a thumbtack
So now that the bookcases are painted, I’m working on painting the walls in the rest of the room. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with more pictures. I’m motivated by the fact that I want our living room to look half way pulled together before I put up our Christmas tree.
Charcoal grey (Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze) + Grasscloth on bookcases
Please send me good painting vibes as this room has a vaulted ceiling…….but first off to get more Starbucks.

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