living room curtain panels


Finishing up the bookcase painting project really motivated me to keep going in our living room……..well that and the fact that we have friends coming to stay with us for Thanksgiving and family coming for Christmas. There really is nothing like having company over to get your booty moving in your home. Am I right?!

I painted the walls last week, and over the weekend I hung curtain panels.

living room - no sew curtain panels - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

I fell in love with this fabric I stumbled upon at Hobby Lobby. I love the large scale pattern and gorgeous texture. It’s so hard to capture the beauty of this fabric in a photograph. The jute applique is just too good for words.

living room - no sew curtain panels - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

While I’ve yet to learn how to use a sewing machine, my hot glue gun is still getting the job done quite nicely…….and super quickly I might add. This decorator fabric is a nice heavy weight cotton and totally opaque, so there was no need to line the curtain panels. All I did was measure, cut, fold in and iron the seams. Then I “sew glued” them. Boom. Done. I could have used no sew hemming tape as well, but I’ve found that hot glue is more effective for a no sew window treatment when you’re using a heavier fabric. And it’s definitely faster. Plus, just by looking you’d never be able to tell the difference.

living room - no sew curtain panels - fabric sourced from Hobby Lobby

With very little effort the curtain panels have made such a huge impact on this space. The room is still quite a ways from the finish line, but the curtain panels are one of those details that has really pushed this room forward. Slowly but surely this room is coming together……………………………….one step at a time. A snail’s pace is better than no pace right? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.


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