world market kendall velvet sofa review


Happy Monday after Thanksgiving friends! I hope you all had a great time eating lots of yummy food surrounded by loved ones! I basically ate a whole sweet potato pie on my own…..I mean I did share a piece or two, but oh my word was it ever so good! I’ll be over here eating salad for the rest of the week. Ha!

Today I’m popping in to share a quick review and then I’m off to exercise (Lord knows I need it!) and to finish decking the halls. I shared our jewel toned Christmas tree on Saturday, and this week I’m planning to decorate the mantel and add a few more little touches of Christmas spirit here and there.

Anyhow, on to the review. Ever since I posted about buying the Kendall Velvet Sofa from World Market on Instagram I have fielded a ton of questions. It seems many of you have considered buying it but were a bit apprehensive. No doubt the reviews on World Market’s site are a mixed bag, so I understand completely. I’ve only had this beauty in my home for about 6 weeks, but since so many of you have asked I’m sharing my thoughts. Maybe my review will help you decide whether the Kendall is the right sofa for you, but hopefully anyone considering a new sofa purchase will find a little insight here to help them make a confident decision.

World Market Kendall Velvet Sofa Review

1. So first of all I bought this sofa online, site unseen, and I don’t regret it one single bit. Crazy town right?! I definitely don’t advocate for buying a sofa without testing it out first. However, in my situation I knew exactly the look I wanted and the size I needed. I also knew that this wasn’t going to be our main sofa. We use the Kendall as a second sofa – a “love seat” to our super comfy, super deep distressed leather sofa we snagged 9 years ago during a huge Restoration Hardware sale, and on top of that this room isn’t really our main movie watching room. Yes, we watch The Black List and Homeland in this room, but when we’re gathered together as a family for Star Wars marathons or Kentucky Basketball games we’re watching the big TV in the upstairs “playroom” where we have a ginormous sectional that is perfect for lounging for hours. SO all that to say, I wasn’t concerned all that much with comfortability, but more with the look, the size and the price. I didn’t think twice about buying this sofa online without seeing it first (especially when it was on sale) because it fit my criteria perfectly. *When shopping for a sofa make a priority list of what you want. This will help you to narrow things down pretty quickly. *And measure, measure, measure to make absolutely certain the size will work in your room and will fit through any and all doorways to get into your space!

2. Let’s talk about price. At $699.99 the Kendall Velvet Sofa is priced very competitively as compared to similar sofas out there. I’d say the price is a direct reflection of the fact that this isn’t a super high quality sofa. Personally I’d say the quality of this sofa is probably two steps above Ikea and three steps below Pottery Barn. I’d say the way it’s made is probably on par with what you’d find at a Pier 1 Imports. Does that help you all to understand what I’m saying about the quality? It’s a great sofa for the price; there’s absolutely no doubt about it, but it’s priced at $699.99 because it can’t compete with the quality of similar sofas that are priced three to four times higher. I’m 100% happy with my purchase because I wasn’t expecting to get filet mignon at a ground beef price. For us it’s perfect because this isn’t a sofa that’s going to see a lot of hard usage. My kids are older and my pets aren’t allowed on the furniture. And I’m pretty pumped that I was able to snag this beauty at 15% off during a free shipping sale!

3. So how does it sit? Well, it’s not the most comfy sofa I’ve ever sat on that’s for sure. That being said, it’s not uncomfortable. The two detached cushions are firm not cushy. Is cushy a word? You get what I’m saying right? This isn’t a sofa you’re going to sink into after a long day, but it’s perfect for overflow seating. The velvet is super soft and the great thing is that the cushions are zippered. So you could have an upholsterer make more comfortable cushions.

4. What do I not like about this sofa? I’m not crazy about the way the two seat cushions fit. They don’t fit in perfectly snug, so there’s a little bit of a gap on the sides where the cushions meet the arms. I plop some throw pillows on, and I’m all good. The sofa comes with the feet detached, so the only assembling you do is to screw all the legs on, which is great. Except that the legs are packed in a zippered pouch on the underside of the sofa, so once they’re on you see a little bit of that zippered pouch hanging down just a little bit. I think it’s more noticable in my living room right now because I don’t have a coffee table yet, but it’s definitely something I’m not crazy about. Although my main complaints overall are the way the cushions fit and the firmness of the cushions. But since as I already mentioned I could easily replace the cushions for more comfortable ones later on down the road I”m pretty happy overall.

Review of the Kendall Velvet Sofa from World Market

5. What do I love about this sofa? I’m pretty obsessed with the color. Midnight Blue is what they call the color I got, but this sofa also comes in teal, mushroom and fog. I’d say midnight blue is a fancy way of saying dusty blue. It’s a muted shade of blue, not too dark and not too light. It’s so lovely paired with our distressed brown leather sofa. And the velvet is so soft and beautiful! I also love the size and the low back. In my space I didn’t want anything too tall in front of the windows, which is why I chose to go with a sofa instead of two chairs. I like that the low back doesn’t block any of the light coming in to the room. I also like that this sofa is on the smaller side coming in at 77.5 inches wide, so it works well as a love seat in our space and could easily be moved into another room later on down the road. You’d have to measure to be sure but the size would work at the foot of most king sized beds. I also love that the legs screw in place, so if I want to paint them another color or even replace them down the road it would be a really easy project.

So those are my thoughts on the Kendall. In a nutshell I think she’s a beauty for the price, but I wouldn’t want her to be my main sofa. She’s great as a supporting actress or she’d shine brightly in a movie made for Lifetime or the Hallmark channel, i.e. if you have a sitting room or formal living room that doesn’t see a ton of usage she’d be perfect. Though I do think if the cushions were replaced for comfier ones that would definitely be a game changer and she just might be an oscar winner at that point. I have no idea why on Earth I’ve gone cuckoo for movie references but let’s just roll with it, okay? Feel free to ask away in the comments section and if you have the Kendall in your home I’d love to hear your thoughts as well!

This is not a sponsored post. Affiliate links were used, but opinions and thoughts are 100% genuine.

Info on the curtain panels found here.


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