all plaid everything!


In case it hasn’t been obvious, I’m slightly obsessed with all things plaid.

all plaid everything!

Really I just can’t get enough. Most items pictured above are oldies but goodies I’ve had for a while. Like the red buffalo plaid shirt I bought last fall at Old Navy. But in case you’re mad for plaid like I am and haven’t been into Target lately (in which case, who are you?! and how do you live?!), this girl’s dress is the cutest and these pajamas are super soft. (Little tip- wash them on cold and dry on low.) Also on a side note this mistletoe and mimosas t-shirt is the perfect girlfriend gift. (in my opinion) But mainly the best plaid stuff in all the land right now is in the Target dollar spot! Seriously you all, run, do not walk because it is basically a plaid lover’s paradise right now…… bags, boxes, baskets oh my! I’ve been like a kid in a candy store – crazy eyes and all.

Apart from raiding the dollar spot, I’ve been stalking things online too. I rounded up a few of my favorite plaid finds as of late.

Why is this stool teasing me so hard?! It’s so rude! I mean, are there actual people that would pay $279 for an upholstered foot stool? They’re calling it an ottoman (like that matters), but it’s 17 inches high… I’m calling it what it is, a footstool.

beautiful red plaid stool

And all this stool is doing is making me drool all over my laptop while simultaneously googling upholstery tutorials and searching Craigslist for footstools. Like I have time to be doing that right now. But really, how amazing is this stool?! The plaid, the legs, the gold feet……they’re giving me heart flutters.

Moving on to something I can actually afford. This hispter looking rhino gift bag would be fun framed for a kids room. And may or may not be going in the gallery wall I’m putting together for my son’s room. Gift bags make for great, inexpensive art, and World Market always has a great selection.

gift bags make for great inexpensive art

In other news, I’m pretty sure I might need these heels! I know, so dramatic, but basically, I’ve got the heart eyes for these beauties. Santa Baby……are you listening?

gorgeous red buffalo plaid heels
Okay, so next up, I love plaid table linens and stumbled across this navy runner and kind of loved that it’s not super seasonal looking as in it would look great on your table year round not just at Christmas……… plaid table runner

but then I clicked through the images and found this gorgeous shot, and my mouth dropped open and now I’m like, what runner? Because now I’m pretty sure I’ve got to get some plaid wallpaper in my life, in a hurry! (Sorry for the longest run-on sentence in Our Fifth House history, but there was just no other way to explain my crazy thought process there. You understand, I hope.)

plaid wallpaper in a dining room
So now I’m on the hunt for plaid wallpaper, and I’ve been pinning like crazy. There is just something so delightfully fresh yet totally classic about plaid. It never goes out of style. It’s totally got that red lip classic thing that I like. 😉 Thank you T Swift for perfectly describing my feelings about plaid.

Are y’all plaid obsessed too? Would you do plaid on walls?

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