After Christmas



It’s Me…..
I’m in Charleston dreaming about how I used to blog.
Ha! I’m sorry I couldn’t help but start today’s post with a little Adele. Are we sick of that song yet? Not hardly right?
But seriously guys, I’ve missed you all! How was your Christmas? Good, great, wonderful I hope. Ours was truly special and definitely one I’ll remember for years to come. We took the kiddos down to Orlando for a little bit of Disney Christmas magic and returned home late on the 23rd. Just in time to wake up on Christmas Eve to unpack and get laundry going, get dressed and head out to lunch then candlelight service at church and then home for some Christmas movie action before heading to bed. Oh hey, I think I just hit the run-on sentence jackpot with that last one! Christmas Day was a welcome day of relaxing. I mean, if you call being woken up at 6:30 am by a 9 year old jumping on you to let you know that not only Santa came but the tooth fairy finally showed up too…….after having missed her duties the previous two nights……”relaxing”. What can I say about the tooth fairy really? She’s old and forgetful. 😉 Anyhow, the present opening extravaganza was followed up with mimosas and a pajama party with neighbors. I took that as a cue to stay in my jammies ’til long after noon, like I needed an excuse……I think I finally threw on some “active wear” around 3pm to go on a bike ride.
All in all is was pretty fabulous. I somehow managed to wrangle my bunch into one last family photo session right before leaving for church on Christmas Eve. You think I could get away with putting this on our Christmas cards for 2016? Ha! I could get a jump on them and order now. 😉
Family Christmas Photo Session
When I shared this photo on Instagram a bunch of y’all wanted to know outfit sources. Hubs blazer is the Ludlow in English wool tartan from JCrew, but it’s sold out now because apparently everyone is just as obsessed with plaid as we are. 😉 Maybe try checking on ebay? Or maybe try this tartan tie with a solid blazer? Little girlfriend’s dress is from Target. My dudes tie is an oldie from Crewcuts. My entire outfit is a few years old. Shirt is from Old Navy, but here’s a similar one in navy. Skirt and shoes are from Banana Republic, but I love this knee length skirt and these pumps! I find that my love of the color red comes in handy around the holidays as I already have a closet full of festive options. 😉
So anyhow, I can’t wait to tell you all about our Disney trip! But first, I need another day to recuperate and get my head in the game. I know right? Like girlfriend’s been on vacay for over a week already. I’m working on it y’all. I do have some other fun stuff to share very soon so I promise to get my act together asap. We’ve got family coming in today, so I’ve been cleaning and sprucing to host guests……that’s a valid excuse right?
Any of you have big plans for New Year’s? I’ll probably be asleep by 11:30 p.m. 😉
I just want to close today’s random post with a genuine heartfelt thank you! Last year around the holidays I had some slightly scary health stuff going on; and while it all ended up being nothing, thank God, I was worried. And blogging is a big part of what kept me moving forward and what helped me to put my fear in check. The truth about life is that you just never know what someone might be going through and even just a few small words of encouragement can totally make someone’s day. You all have been that encouragement for me. You’ve come along on this ride and your time visiting has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate you….everyone…. those that read daily, those that pin, those who check in once a month, the ones who email me pictures of Star Wars cakes and plaid mugs and cool horse prints, the ones that ask for my design help, those of you who follow on Facebook and or Instagram…….all of you who turn the other cheek when I smack you in the face with a run-on sentence of epic proportions…..I appreciate every single one of you! Thank you for making this blogging adventure so. much. fun! I’m so excited to see what 2016 brings!

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