my five favorite tips for organizing the home


Today I’m excited to be joining an inspiring group of bloggers as a guest host for the My Five Favorites blog series, a monthly series hosted by the oh-so-talented Jennifer (Dimples and Tangles), Kris (Driven By Decor), Pam (Simple Details) and Lisa (Shine Your Light). January’s theme is “organization”…….which just so happens to be something I’m slightly crazy about, so I couldn’t be happier to join in as a hostess this month!

I’ve always been somewhat of an organization junkie. I just think life works so much better when there is a method to the madness. I wouldn’t say that every single inch of my home is the picture of organized perfection (our garage is such a pit, yikes!), but I’m slowly but surely working my way through our new-to-us house. The really great thing is as I’m tackling new areas, everything I’ve already organized is staying in good condition which means the systems are working! Hallelujah! My girl’s closet, my boy’s closet, my husband’s closet and our kitchen pantry are all still looking just as great today as they were when I first shared them with you all last fall.

favorite tips for organizing the home and keeping it organized

I’m certainly no expert, but here are five of my best tips for getting and staying organized.

1. Don’t Be a Hoarder

Ha! Sounds simple enough right? πŸ˜‰ I think in general we all have way more “stuff” than we actually need…..or that we’d like to admit to having. I mean, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a collection of favorite things, but for the most part if you’re having trouble keeping things organized chances are it’s because you have too many “things” that need to be organized. #firstworldproblems In the words of the famous snow queen I think it’s sometimes necessary to just “let it go.” πŸ˜‰ I pretty much recommend starting any organization project with a very thorough purge. I mean really, nobody needs 5 spatulas in their kitchen utensil drawer…..not even Ina Garten. And I personally see no reason whatsoever to have more than 2 possibly 3 (if you live in a place where flannel is necessary) sets of sheets for a bed. I mean, you can only use one set at a time so why bother storing bunches and bunches of extra sets?

It’s just good to start an organization project by re-evaluating what you have and determining whether to purge or keep each item.

When it comes to clothing, I do a good purge twice a year. I go through all the closets and drawers and let go of anything that is looking a little worse for the wear and donate items the kids have outgrown. Having a biannual system keeps things from piling up and ensures our closets and drawers are never overstuffed.

2. Be Mindful About What You Bring Home

This really goes hand in hand with tip number one, as being mindful of the new things you bring home will keep you from becoming a hoarder. πŸ˜‰ This past fall I shared about how I keep my closet streamlined and organized by creating clothing collections.

Organization Tip: Create Clothing Collections/ Wardrobe Capsules - Be mindful of what you bring into your closet

In spite of all the fashiongrammers I’m following and the many emails I receive from clothing retailers constantly advertising sales, curating clothing collections helps me to be very selective about what I add to my closet and ultimately helps me to only purchase those items I’ll love and wear for years.

3. Label, Contain & Make Friends with Lazy Susan

In a house full of people, labels make things easier for everyone to find. And when things are easy for everyone to find, no one needs to ask mom where something is. That’s a win-win in this mom’s book!

Organizing Tip - Label and Contain

Containment in the form of baskets, bins, boxes, jars, etc are really just another way to keep you from becoming a hoarder. πŸ˜‰ In my pantry the baskets and bins also work as visual cues letting me know when I have too much or not enough of a certain thing.

And last, I have no idea why they call her lazy because she’s the farthest thing from lazy. I use lazy susans all over the place….. in the corners of my pantry shelves, under my kitchen sink and in my bathroom cabinet to keep all of my most used products easy to find and access.

Organizing Tip - A Lazy Susan is your BFF

4. Make It Pretty

It may seem ridiculous or completely unnecessary, but I honestly believe that when you take the time to make an organized closet, drawer or cabinet pretty, you end up doing a much better job of keeping it looking neat and tidy. Making things pretty doesn’t have to mean spending lots of money; it could be as simple as rocking a can of spray paint or re-purposing items you already own.

Organization Tip - Make it Pretty - You'll do a better job of keeping it neat and tidy if it looks pretty!
Jewelry Organization
Organization Tip - Make it Pretty - You'll do a better job of keeping it neat and tidy if it looks pretty!

5. Create Zones

Daily life, in and of itself, can be fairly chaotic and unorganized. I’m in this stage of life where in addition to mail I’m also fielding multiple school papers each week plus trying to stay on top of school related emails while carting kids around to various activities. There’s no way I’d stay on top of all the correspondence and activities if I hadn’t created a “mom command center” on this unused wall in my pantry. Creating zones in your home where you can organize and sort out mail, paperwork and schedules is so helpful. We also have a homework zone and a bill paying zone.

Organizing Tip - Create Zones in your home to organize paperwork, schedules and daily reminders - A "mom command center"

So those are my five favorite tips for organizing the home. I’d love for you to share your favorite tips in the comments section down below, and be sure to check out these inspiring ladies favorite organization tips!


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