Those affected by flooding can apply to have taxes deferred


People whose homes have been affected by flooding can apply to have some of their taxes deferred under new plans announced today by the Revenue Commissioners.

Officials claim they want to avoid adding to people’s distress following the impact of Storms Desmond and Frank and are offering a chance to delay payment on bills including Property Tax, VAT and PAYE or PRSI.

Families whose principal residence has been flooded will now qualify for a deferral of the property tax – as long as they are in receipt of humanitarian assistance from the Department of Social Protection.

Strict terms and conditions apply and a dedicated helpline is open for queries on 1890 20 30 70.

“Revenue is very aware of the difficulties affecting many households and businesses at this time due to flooding and is conscious that the payment of certain taxes that are shortly due, including Local Property Tax, VAT and PAYE/PRSI may add to the distress,” the Revenue Commissioners said in a statement.

And business owners who are in receipt of support through the Red Cross will be shown leeway in terms of filing term returns, the Revenue Commissioners said.

The statement said that business owners should “contact the Collector-General’s office on 1890 20 30 70 to agree additional time to file returns and make payments or to agree suitable phased payment arrangements.”

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