kate spade for the home

Well, hey there Tuesday, and how are you all on this fine day? Yes, if you can’t tell I’m a little too chipper for a random Tuesday, but Wednesday is my Friday this week; and as soon I hit publish on this post I’ll be finishing up with packing for a fun little Caribbean cruise we’re taking over the long weekend! If you’re feeling like you want to hate me right now, I totally get it. To balance things out let me tell you what my husband got me for Christmas this year. We made a deal – “no gifts, just stockings.” And I got…….wait for it……..it’s going to blow your mind…….I got 4 chocolate bars. Yes, you read that right. Four. Chocolate. Bars. That’s it. That’s all. I’m not ungrateful, I mean, they were Lindt, so there’s that, at least. 😉 But really?! After 15 years of marriage he couldn’t find a single item in the Target dollar spot to stuff in my stocking? Well, at least now you hate me a little less right? 😉
In other random, yet totally related news I made a little trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond last week. My dogs ruined the quilt that was on our bed, so I was in search of a replacement. More on that to come later. But as I entered the bedding department I stumbled upon some super fun Kate Spade finds…..nothing that would really work for what I wanted in our bedroom, but it was all really cute stuff. It totally had me second guessing the current situation in my daughter’s room. So when I got back home that day I popped online just to see if there were any other fun Kate Spade items not being carried in stores and to my surprise and total glee…………….
Kate Spade for the kitchen
cookbook kitchen towel, polka dot, pot holder, short canister, tall canister
I mean, does that potholder not just totally bring out your inner domestic goddess?! I would bake all day……maybe that’s not such a good thing. 😉 And that cookbook kitchen towel, just stop it with the cuteness. It would be so great framed and hung on a wall in a kitchen!
Kate Spade for the table
dinnerware, napkins, rose gold flatware, highballs, tablecloth
I’ll take it all! Does this little situation not make you want to throw a dinner party?! I’m slightly obsessed with that floral print pattern, and I think that you could easily use that tablecloth to recover some chairs. A thrift score chair + some spray paint + that floral print = gorgeousness. Or using this fabric to make pillows with contrasting piping, say in emerald green, would be fantastic!
Kate Spade for the home
floral pillow, vase, ampersand pillow, bookshelf pillow, mail tray, rose bowl
Not even kidding, that floral pillow stopped me in my tracks……obsessed much? Who me? And don’t even get me started on that rose bowl. I still don’t even have nightstands in my bedroom, and yet that vase has me visually styling an imaginary bedside table. #moreissuesthanvogue
Seriously guys, I think Kate Spade is my spirit animal. 😉
This is the bedding that piqued my curiosity. I don’t think it’s going to work with my bedroom plans but it certainly is all kinds of pretty!
Kate Spade striped green and white bedding
Have you ever stalked a line of products online before? No, just me? Mmmmm, awesome. I guess I can add that to my list of weird things about myself. Man, that list is getting really long.

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