what’s in store – 2016 house to-do list


Hey friends and Happy Thursday! Today’s the day we head south to Florida, and tomorrow we set out on our very first cruising adventure. I’m so excited! #notlikejessiespano #thathashtagnevergetsold I’ll be out of pocket for the next few days, but I’ll try to share as much as I can over on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. And next week I’ll be back to give you all the fun cruise details.

Today I’m looking ahead and sharing my plans for this little blog and our new-to-us house in 2016! I’m big on letting creativity and inspiration guide me when it comes to designing our home, but these are the rooms/spaces I’d really like to knock out this year.
1. Our Master Bedroom
master bedroom before
It’s pretty bare in here. We brought our bed, dresser and armoir from our Kentucky home, threw it all in our bedroom and then kind of just walked away. I don’t really have a “design plan” just yet, but my mind is swirling with ideas. I’m ready to have some actual night stands in here. What you don’t see in the picture above is the giant open cardboard box that is filled with books on my side of the bed. That’s what I’ve been using as a pseudo night stand since move in day……..which was oh, back in August. So it’s time to give this space some much needed attention. I’ve started with a new quilt……we’ll see how this room evolves. I’m feeling like I want a Kate Spade goes coastal look with a bit of masculine feel so my hub feels at home in here too. Sounds crazy, but I’m crazy so it works. 😉 I don’t know; it’s all still kind of up in the air. I’m excited to get started though.
2. The Entry Foyer
It took me a while to come up with a game plan in here, but I’ve reached a decision. Not one of these wallpaper samples were chosen.
I’m going with a very simple classic looking wallpaper (grasscloth) and a fun color on the ceiling. It might take me a while to source art and a rug for this space. I don’t want to rush into buying something; I want to wait until I find “the one”.
3. The Kitchen
taken on move-in day
I’m glad I didn’t jump right to my original plans for this space because I’ve changed my mind a bit. Sometimes you have to live with something for awhile in order to truly figure out what you want, you know? I’m planning to wait on my idea to replace the range hood, and that may not be something that happens at all this year. I’m thinking of going with a custom made wood hood instead of the original black and gold hood I thought I wanted in here. I just think that a wood hood will flow much better with the overall look and feel of the house; but since the current range hood is not something that needs to be replaced, I’m going to take my time figuring out what I want. I did order the stools and have replaced the cabinet hardware. I ended up going with this champagne bronze collection from Lowe’s, and I really love the subtle warm tone it adds without being too over the top in-your-face gold.
And sometime this year I want to convert the recessed lights over the island to pendants, though I’m not sold on the original pendants I had in mind. I’m going to have to think on those for a bit more. I do think pendants over the island will give the kitchen more of a custom look and add some personality to the whole space, so I’m hoping to reach a decision soon.
4. The Screen Porch
This is how it looked when we toured the house, and we really haven’t done anything out here yet. I’m excited to get started on this space, and I look forward to spending lots of time out here! I’m planning to paint the porch ceiling a light shade of blue, but other than that idea I’ve yet to nail down a plan.
5. The Backyard
backyard before

paver patio process
I never got around to showing you all the finished paver patio my dad and I (okay, mostly my dad) installed last fall, but I’m excited to finish sprucing up our outdoor dining space. The hubs and I also want to do some landscaping out here, and I’d really like to start a vegetable garden.
6. A Dedicated Workspace
This little space at the top of the stairs is just screaming out to be used to the fullest. I can’t wait to claim this as my own little office nook! I’ve got lots of ideas!
office nook before
7. My Girl’s Room
girl's room -in progress
She’s waited so patiently. I’ve had that paint swatch on the wall since August, and I really need to get started in here. Decorating her space is going to be so fun as she’s so into all the little decisions. It’s fun collaborating with her, and I plan to have her help with every aspect from the actual painting of the walls to learning how to replace a fan with a chandelier. I want her to leave home one day equipped with all kinds of do-it-yourself knowledge! Train ’em young I say! 😉
I could go on and on, but really those 7 areas are the ones I want to try to focus on this year. I am planning to also paint my hubs office at some point this year, but inspiration hasn’t really struck yet for me in that space……..so I’m waiting for the creative winds to blow me in that direction.
In terms of what else you can expect for 2016 here at Our Fifth House blog, I’m going to continue to share organizing ideas and tips as that is truly a passion of mine. While I’ve always shared healthy recipes from time to time, I’m going to start focusing more on quick under 30 minute meals; and I plan to include wine pairings with the recipes I share. I’m also starting a design dilemma series where I’ll be addressing common reader questions I receive. I think that series is going to be a fun one! I’ll also continue to share look for less design ideas, great online decor sources as well as life as it unfolds.
This little blog is my happy place, and I so enjoy my time here hanging out with you all! Cheers to 2016! I’m excited and ready to dive in to all that this new year promises to bring!

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