they literally are perfect linens

Perfect Linens - Second Skin Sheets
It’s hard to accurately convey my love for these sheets. Seriously. They are the best sheets I’ve ever had. I dream about getting back in them as soon as I wake up in the morning. They make my bed feel like a happy little sleep cocoon. They’re just so soft and comfortable that I’m pretty sure if the company who makes them, Perfect Linens, made pajamas out of this material I might never wear real clothes again. No, I am not over exaggerating. Truth. That is what I’m doling out right now.
I received these “second skin” sheets from Perfect Linens back in December and even my husband, who doesn’t usually notice things like a new set of sheets, immediately commented on how awesome they felt. “Where did you get these?” “They feel amazing!” Usually that level of enthusiam is reserved for UK basketball………..and one other thing. #tmi? 😉
Perfect Linens - Second Skin Sheets
“I know!”, I responded, grinning ear to ear like a kid on Christmas morning. I mean, you know you’re a full fledged adult when something like a new set of sheets makes you this happy. But if being in love with a great set of sheets makes you an old lady, well then sign me up for bingo at the seniors center because now that I’ve found the equivalent of mecca in a set of perfect to the touch – easy to wash – easy to care for sheets – I will never again sleep with anything else.
But seriously guys, and I’m not even kidding or exaggerating one single bit, these are literally the best sheets I’ve ever owned. I know, I said that already. It’s just sooooo true.
Perfect Linens - Second Skin Sheets
Perfect Linens‘ sheets feel like a return to tradition, like this is how sheets are supposed to be made to feel. Sleeping with them feels like being transported to a time when quality more than quantity mattered, and things were made to last. Ok, now things are getting a little too weird and deep huh?
The Second Skin sheets that I love so much come in three different styles. I liked the pattern of the fern green, but wasn’t crazy about the color. I just wanted something that would contrast against the green in our bedding. So I added a very small amount of bleach to the wash cycle when I first received them and that turned the embroidery a really pretty gold color. YOU’RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BLEACH THEM. But I don’t usually follow the rules. 😉 And I only added bleach just that one time.
If you prefer sheets without any embroidery/embellishment, Perfect Linens offers a number of different collections to choose from in a variety of colors. I’m really excited to try the Toastmaster sheets in the color Frosted Rose.
Perfect Linens - Second Skin Sheets
But the best news for all of us is that Perfect Linens is offering a discount code for Our Fifth House readers! Use code FifthHouse35 to receive $35 off a $100 purchase! In my opinion, you can keep the flowers and chocolates…….These life altering sheets are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any couple. But hey, breakfast in bed to go with them would not be bad either. Also a great set of sheets makes for a wonderful wedding present. And if you have them monogrammed……even better!
While this post was sponsored, all overly enthusiastic thoughts are 100% genuine. Find out for yourself. Check out customer reviews on the Perfect Linens site and you’ll soon discover I’m not the only one who’s in love with these sheets! I mean, any company that offers a 45 day 100% money back guarantee knows they’re product is like magic! #wecouldallusealittlemagicinbed #keepitclassy

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