valentine’s day gifts for him

Hey friends and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. The hubs and I enjoyed a kid free weekend in Savannah. And thanks to all of your great recommendations on Instagram and Facebook we had a fantastic trip. I literally ate my way through the city… thanks for that. 😉 It was our very first visit, and I can’t wait to share more details with y’all.
Today since I just realized it’s February 1st (how’d that happen?!) and I need to get my Valentine’s-Day-gift-giving bootie in gear I thought I’d share a few fun, sweet and silly finds in case you’re still stumped as to what to give your Valentine this year. Hubs and I don’t go nuts with our gift giving. A card and a little something is usually all we do. Our gifts rarely cost more than about $20. To me it’s more about the thought that counts, and I tend to give sarcastic cards and gifts………because that’s my love language.
Last year I gave my man this coffee mug, and every time he uses it I smile.
Sarcastic Funny Coffee Mug Gift Idea for Him for Valentine's Day
Coffee Mug
This year I might be gifting him with another mug……as he’s a huge Star Wars lover, so I’m sure this mug would end up being his favorite.
t-shirt, reversible bowtie, collar stays, lobster card, bourbon infused marshmallows, binge watch card, obi wan mug
But how great is that t-shirt? Ha! I love it! I’m also loving that Friends reference – you’re my lobster – card. And the bourbon infused marshmallows would definitely be like a gift for both of us. How good would those be?! I’ve tried making marshmallows before and failed……there’s apparently a lot more to making them than you’d think. Anyhow the hand stamped stainless steel collar stays are probably the most useful and something I think he’d use a lot for work. Then again Valentine’s Day isn’t really about practical gifts is it? So maybe I should just go with the Obi Wan mug……or maybe this Yoda one?
What about you all? Do you exchange Valentine’s Day gifts? Any fun plans to celebrate that weekend? Is it true there’s going to be a Friends reunion? Let’s discuss below!
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