kids art gallery hallway


There is nothing that adds more personality to a home than art.

kids art gallery wall
wall color – Sherwin William Shoji White
kids art gallery wall

Kids art is a personal favorite of mine. Honestly, it doesn\’t even matter if it\’s my own children\’s artwork. I just love the pieces that a child creates. There is so much innocence and creativity in their work. I mean, obviously, my own kids\’ artwork is very special to me which is why I\’ve chosen to create a little hallway art gallery to display my favorite pieces from over the years.

kids art gallery hallway
kids art gallery hallway

The exciting thing about each piece is that they\’re totally original and can never be replicated. What their little hands created even just a year ago…..even they themselves couldn\’t replicate if they tried because every day, week, month, year they grow and develop…..the way they see and interpret the world changes…..and their fine motor skills are fine tuned………well, you get the point.

kids art gallery hallway
kids art gallery hallway
kids art gallery hallway

That\’s why these pieces mean so much to me. They\’re apart of their history. And I not only love and cherish each beautiful piece, but each piece holds a precious memory. Every single piece is totally and completely priceless.

kids art gallery hallway

This is just a little hallway in the house that connects the foyer and office to the kitchen, dining and living room. I plan to fill every bit of wall space in here with the kids\’ art pieces. Just for fun I painted this little ceiling area pink (Sherwin Williams Rachel Pink). It\’s a fun little pop of color.

Now instead of this hallway being a basic boring pass through, it\’s a little hallway where people like to linger and smile. And the glimpse I see of these pieces from the kitchen makes me happy every day.

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