Guest Bedroom – Change of Design Plan


Sometimes in design you start heading down a path and don\’t get too far when you realize you\’re just not feeling it at all. At least that\’s what happens to me sometimes. I\’ll come up with a design plan I\’m excited to execute and then as things start to come together I jump ship because it\’s not really working the way I had hoped it would. Case in point, my original plan for the guest bedroom.

I thought I wanted to go with a fun, preppy, happy, classic, bright colors vibe, but just as things were starting to come together I found myself less than thrilled with the way things were looking. The bright and cheery colors felt a little too bright and too cheery. I wanted the room to look fun and interesting……but I also want it to feel restful. And the original direction was a bit too overstimulating… least I thought it was after it was starting to come together. So rather than forcing myself to keep working on it, I took a long pause and started working on other things until I finally figured out how to correct course. And I\’m glad I stepped away rather than pressing on and spending any money on a design plan I wasn\’t really feeling.

Does any of that sound familiar to you? Do you ever change course and alter your design direction? If so, you\’re not alone. I think it\’s perfectly acceptable to change your mind… is after all, your house right? So if you find yourself in a place where you\’re not feeling all together enthusiastic about how things are shaping up in the decorating department. Take a step back. Move on to something else. And I\’ll bet in the time you\’ve spent doing or thinking about something else inspiration will once again strike.

For our guest bedroom, I started with a clean slate…….a plain white comforter that\’s soft and textural. And then I fell in love with these suzani embroidered pillows I found at Pottery Barn. They have become the color inspiration for the whole space. I love the more subdued colors and the mix of warm and cool tones. The leopard sheets and floral pillow I already had and they add some interest to the plain white bed. So now, I\’m auditioning wall colors and am debating diy\’ing or buying a headboard. I ran across an upholstered one I really liked at a local consignment shop, but it was priced a little high and I think I could possibly make one for far less……..the thing I need to decide is whether or not I want an upholstered piece or something made of wood. Hmmm………. thoughts?

There\’s a great deal left to do in this space. I\’m really just getting started, but this time I\’m liking where things are headed. I\’m using the boy\’s desk from his old room in here. I found some really cool pulls at HomeGoods which really dressed this little red desk up quite a bit. The ghost chair I already had, and I like that it keeps this desk area from looking too bulky. It takes up less visual space which is great as this is a walkway on the side of the bed. I found the lamp at the Goodwill, and it just so happened to be the perfect shade of blue to play off the blue in the pillows from the bed. Lampshade was a Target find. The plan here is to bring in a mirror over the desk to create a vanity space for guests as the guest bathroom is a bit on the small side.

There\’s a tall chest of drawers on the other side of the room next to a window. Not much going on over on that side just yet…..but this is a start.

So that\’s where things are in the guest bedroom. I\’m never in a rush to decorate any of my spaces. I find I\’m happier with the results when I take my time and follow my instincts……even if that means taking a step back and redirecting from time to time. This new plan isn\’t completely different from the original……just a little more soothing in the color department and not so in your face. And I like this new direction much better and am excited to keep working on this room!

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