We Have A Podcast!


Well, we’re upping the nerd factor around here and giving podcasting a go. The name? Young House Love Has A Podcast. I’ll give everyone a moment to let that process. I know it’s a tricky one. So much nuance.


The first question on everyone’s mind is probably: why a podcast? (And for anyone whose first question is actually “what’s a podcast?” we’ll get to that in a moment). The short answer to the whole “why ” question is that we’re podcast junkies, especially me, and we got excited to try something new and a little bit different for us. There’s obviously more to the story than that, which is why we kick things off with a 5-minute introductory podcast episode to explain it in more detail (it’s the one labeled #0: Wait, Who Has A What Now?) 

That intro episode also provides a preview of what (and who!) we have lined up for future episodes, including some of the guests that we’ll have on. You’ll hear lots of familiar voices, like bloggers, designers, and TV personalities – including a certain former Bayside High student. It was a trip not only talking to her, but talking to her about home stuff of all things. Life is weird.

Beyond our little intro episode, there are also two full-length episodes (#1: What Rich People Have In Their Houses and #2: HGTV’s Sabrina Soto Takes Us Behind The Scenes). It should come as no surprise that Sabrina Soto is incredibly nice, but we were impressed with how candid she was and loved all the stories she shared from her various TV gigs. Sherry is still reeling from a nugget that she dropped about a certain Real Housewife.

So far this little hobby/experiment has been exciting, hilarious, and a little awkward all at the same time. It kinda feels like our early days of blogging where the technology is a little bit foreign and nothing is too serious or set in stone. We’re also realizing that casually chatting about things is a great way to cover a lot of ground, jump from topic to topic, and share decorating tips and stories that might not necessarily lend themselves to a long written blog post or a quick social media photo.


If you’re already a podcast listener, you can just head over to iTunes, Google Play, or TuneIn Radio to subscribe and download the first 3 episodes. We’re also available on Pocket Casts and will soon be on Stitcher. We’re aiming to have new episodes posted every Monday.

But if you’re new to podcasts, let’s back-up for a second so we can help you get started. Podcasts are kinda like free, on-demand talk radio. Just like on-demand TV has become popular (you know, so you can play your favorite show whenever you want), podcasts allow you to play an audio program whenever you’re ready and even pause it if you get interrupted. So rather than being stuck with whatever’s on the radio, you can cue up any episode while you’re sitting in traffic, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, exercising, painting a room, ironing your dog’s extensive wardrobe, etc.

Our preferred method of listening is via the iTunes Podcasts app on our phones, which comes pre-installed on most iPhones and iPads (it’s the purple icon you see in the screenshot below).  If you’re new to the Podcasts app, here’s a quick 7-step tutorial to get you started:


To subscribe to Young House Love Has A Podcast on an iPhone using the Podcasts app:

  • Step 1. Click the Podcasts app and then click the magnifying glass in the bottom-right corner to Search.
  • Step 2. Type “Young House Love Has A Podcast” in the search bar at the top.
  • Step 3. From this screen, click our large icon in the middle of the screen (known as our show’s “cover art”)


  • Step 4. Once on the “Young House Love Has A Podcast” page (seen below) press the Subscribe button. This is free and will keep you from missing any new episode that we post.
  • Step 5. The most recent episode may download automatically, but you can be sure you have all three by clicking the download icon (cloud with down arrow) next to each episode. This is also free, and will allow you to listen to all 3 episodes right away.


  • Step 6. You can view and play all of those episodes by clicking the Unplayed icon in the bottom left of the screen, which displays any downloaded episode that you haven’t listened to yet.
  • Step 7. Then just click the one you want to listen to first and it’ll start playing (you’ll want to click #0 first for ours).


That’s it, you’re all set up! After you have listened to our first three episodes, it’s pretty much auto-pilot from there. Each Monday, as long as you have subscribed, you can just click the purple Podcasts app on your phone, click into the Unplayed section on the bottom left, and a new episode should be waiting for you.

You can also discover other podcasts to listen to by clicking the Featured or Top Charts section of the menu along the bottom of the screen. There’s something for just about every topic imaginable – true crime, pop culture, news, yoga, parenting, entrepreneurship, and beyond!

Note: You can also stream our podcast on your desktop via iTunes by following this link and clicking “View in iTunes” under our logo. If you’re on a PC computer that doesn’t have iTunes, you can learn how to install it for free here (then come back to this post and follow this link to find us there), or you can try listening from your computer via Google Play. If you have an Android phone you can download an app like TuneIn Radio or Pocket Casts, both of which have our podcast (and we hope to be on Stitcher soon). 

I think that covers the basics to getting you started. And if you’re wondering what I’m doing on any given evening, the answer is: playing with the microphone and slowing down my voice so I sound like James Earl Jones.

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