Rising rents make it increasingly difficult to find student accommodation


Much has been written in recent times about the need for more social housing in Ireland.

There’s little doubt it is badly needed but what of student accommodation?

Right now there are thousands of students either sitting or just finished sitting State exams with the hope of college and a bright future on the horizon.

However, just three months out from the start of the new academic year perhaps their biggest battle is not so much getting the course of their choice but somewhere to live near to it.

The rising cost of rent in Ireland, which is now above boom time levels in the capital, means that many students are being priced out of renting close to the college or institute of their choosing.

The number of students attending third level education has been on the rise now for several years but the amount of purpose built accommodation to meet this demand has remained virtually flat and accounts for just a very small percentage of the student population.

Even areas around colleges are now becoming the focus of families and working people who are forced to widen their search parameters due to the lack of available housing stock.

The fact that these people can take on a 12 month lease and are more often than not earning enough to cover the lease means they are a more attractive proposition for landlords and letting agencies.

So where does this leave the student renter? Facing an ever increasing battle for a small number of properties, particularly in urban areas such as Dublin and Cork.

It’s a battle that is set to rage once more in the coming months and one that could leave many facing long commutes or paying exorbitant sums on rent.

Let us know your thoughts on the situation…

  • Have your or your child had difficulty finding student accommodation?
  • Should the Government be investing in more on and off campus purpose built student accommodation?
  • As a landlord do you prefer to rent to families than students?

Have your say below…

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